Covert Talent is a career management company that focuses on the creative, strategic and brand development of its hand-picked roster of clients.

With experience across all areas of media, and an international approach, we don’t just find opportunities, we create them. Working closely with a range of clients as ambitious as ourselves ensures a strong team focus, keeping all parties happy and inspired.

Covert only works with talent we are passionate about, know we can help and that doesn’t conflict with any other client. We believe in long-term relationships and strategy, high aspirations and collaborative creative and professional development.

We believe talent should be looked after properly.

Contact Us

For all unsolicited applications for management please e-mail

To speak to us about our talented clients please contact:

Simon King
Founder / Managing Director

Jake Tasker
Artist Manager

Ray Campbell
Synchronisation & Licensing Manager


Covert Talent is part of the Music Managers Forum

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